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  • Citric Acid
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    Citric Acid helps adjust pH levels in skincare products. pH is important for product quality and safety. It affects the performance of ingredients and can lead to undesired outcomes if not balanced. Citric Acid can lower pH levels if they become too alkaline.

  • Sodium Gluconate
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    Sodium Gluconate is the sodium salt of gluconic acid with chelating abilities. Sodium gluconate chelates and forms stable complexes with various ions, preventing them from engaging in chemical reactions, and thereby increasing the stability of your cosmetic products.

  • Sodium Citrate
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    Sodium Citrate is the sodium salt of citric acid. It is used as a buffering agent used to maintain the
    desired pH, of a water-based product, in the presence of small amounts of acid or base
    (alkaline) ingredients.

  • Triethanolamine – TEA
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    Triethanolamine is a tertiary amino compound that is ammonia in which each of the hydrogens is substituted by a 2-hydroxyethyl group.

  • Sodium Phytate
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    Sodium Phytate is a natural chelating agent, sodium salt of phytic acid, and serves as a natural alternative to EDTA. Helps bind free metal ions and prevent undesirable metal-catalyzed reactions, in formulas to stabilize and improve the shelf life of skin and hair care products.

  • Disodium EDTA
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    Disodium EDTA is commonly used in neutral to mildly acidic products, like most creams, lotions, and neutral pH liquid soaps and shampoos.

  • Plantserve E – Euxyl® PE 9010
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    Plantserve E – Euxyl® PE 9010 is a broad spectrum Preservative that consists of Phenoxyethanol & ethylhexylglycerin. it is in liquid form and Euxyl® PE 9010 can be used in formulas containing natural raw materials which have a greater risk for microbial contamination.

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    Gluconolactone is a PHA from corn, it is used to exfoliate the skin but has a larger molecule than the AHA group, making it less irritating than AHA (such as Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid).

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    Liquid Germall Plus
    Preserve co™️ – Liquid Germall Plus
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    Liquid Germall Plus is a ready-to-use, highly effective, broad-spectrum preservative for emulsions and aqueous formulations. It can be incorporated into a variety of leave-on and rinse-off cosmetic and personal care formulations for broad preservation.

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