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  • Oat Beta Glucan – Liquid
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    Oat beta glucan is an oat-derived natural ingredient. It has several advantages for the skin and hair, which makes it a common ingredient in personal care products.

  • Raspberry Ketone Glucoside
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    Raspberry Ketone Glucoside is not only an effective inhibitor of tyrosinase but also an effective scavenger of nitric oxide. RKG easily dissolves in water. It is safe and stable. It effectively inhibits the formation of melanin, active oxygen, and lipid peroxide. It also captures the nitric oxide within skin cells. All of these make it a good whitening, brightening, and anti-aging cosmetic ingredient.

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  • White Licorice Powder
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    White licorice extract is extracted from the root of Radix glycyrrhiza glabra. The glabradin component effectively inhibits the activity of tyrosinase and dopagin tautomerase during the production of melanin, which results in fast, safe, and efficient skin lightening.

  • Allantoin
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    Allantoin is a cosmetic ingredient with a moisturizing and keratolytic effect; increases the water content of the extracellular matrix, enhances the desquamation of upper layers of dead skin cells, and increases the smoothness of the skin

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  • Salicylic Acid
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    Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid used in skin-care products for treating acne and pimple-prone skin,  It has direct activity as an anti-inflammatory agent and acts as a topical antibacterial keratolytic agent, due to its ability to promote exfoliation.

  • Alpha Bisabolol
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    Alpha Bisabolol also known as Levomenol is the major active component of chamomile. It has long been used in cosmetics for its anti-inflammatory, healing, soothing, and anti-microbial properties.

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